Tuesday 5/5

Front Squat

Yesterday’s blog discussed the growth and progression of the level of fitness of Regional athletes. Previous Games podium finisher Julie Foucher is great example of the amount of time, dedication and consistency it takes to become an elite-level athlete. Below is a video of an early training session from 2009.

Obviously, Julie isn’t a train wreck in her movement but the transformation she has made in her strength and proficiency over the last 6 years (years!) is remarkable.

This doesn’t mean that in just six years anyone can become a Games level athlete but it does demonstrate that focus, dedication and patience pays off in the long run. While it may not be your goal to become a competitive athlete, you probably have a goal to improve in some area of your fitness. Often these goals, like getting a strict pull up or improving your squat, may take months or even years to accomplish. There may be time where you get discouraged and doubt your progress, but just keep your nose to the grindstone. Once you get that first pull up or PR lift, it will be so worth it!


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