Monday 4/27

Power Snatch

Why Snatch?

CrossFit is all about functional movements. From squats (sitting down and standing up) to deadlifts (picking objects off the floor) our focus is to preform movements that better prepare us for whatever life my bring our way. So where is the functionality of the snatch? I mean when is the last time you had to deliver an object from the floor to overhead in one, fluid movement, right? While the benefits of the snatch might not be as obvious as the squat, deadlift or push up, it proves its worth in its ability to develop speed, power, strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, accuracy and balance. Performed in higher reps, we can even develop stamina and endurance. For those of you keeping count, that’s 10 out the of 10 components of fitness being developed in this one movement– talk about efficiency!

There’s no denying this movement is complex and at times frustrating, but it is also developing your athletic ability in a way that is unrivaled by any other movement or lift. So take your time today in refining your technique before worrying about throwing more weight on the bar.


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