Saturday 4/18

For time:
100 Pull Up
100 Push Up
100 Sit Up
100 Squat

From Calvin

Have you ever thought about coming in at a different time?

Many of us have schedules that fluctuate from month to month, week to week, or maybe even day to day. Because of that we get used to training at similar times whenever we come to the gym. This can prove to put us in a rut with our training as our body gets used to receiving stimulus at only certain hours of the day.

If you regularly attend the 6am class you’re used getting your work done early and riding the fitness high all day long. Can you imagine the difference that person would feel doing the WOD at 4pm? Or maybe even after a whole day of work? Likewise, if you’re to the evening classes, why not give 6am a try? (cuz we like sleep Calvin). Good call but, think of it this way too: We have well over a hundred members that belong to our gym. How many amazing people are you missing out on by only coming at the same time everyday? You never know, your new BFF could be at the 4pm class and you wouldn’t even know it!!!!!


Displaying bff step brothers.jpg



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