Saturday 4/11

40 Kb Swing @ 53/35
10 Sit Up
30 Kb Swing
20 Sit Up
20 Kb Swing
30 Sit up
10 Kb Swing
40 Sit Up


Hey Guys! It’s Calvin here. As the title of the first video states in bold print, I’m not here to talk about CrossFit. I’m here to talk about…not CrossFit. Or Rather, to discuss the potential difference between “Functional Movement” and “Functional Movement”. No, not a typo.

So what makes a movement functional? Is it because it’s fast? Is it because it’s complicated? Maybe it requires a very expensive piece of equipment. If these things are true then I say forget gymnastics and weightlifting, lets just play Wii fit. Really, anything can be called functional if someone labels its intended function. The function of a bicep curl is to make your sleeves fit tighter. There. Nailed it.
There are all kinds of different movements and exercises in the fitness industry and most of them are just trying to reinvent the wheel. This is why at the core of CrossFit you’ll find movements that have been around for a long time. Squatting, pressing, running, jumping etc. These are things every human is designed to do. It’s in our blood and they come to us naturally. Even as children we know what a squat is. It’s the thing we do to play with that ladybug on the ground. We know what running is. It’s that thing we do when Mom comes home and we can’t wait to get a hug. No one tells us how. We just know. The function of our training is to make you better at other aspects of your life. To make it easier for you to pick things up or clean your house. To help your friend move into a new home or take care of a disabled love one.  
So watch the video and while all the movements he performs are quite elaborate and do require some coordination, you tell me which one of those exercises helps you be a better you. Which one is the most “functional”?

Also some things to consider while viewing (just for fun).
1. Where is your shirt?
2. Where is your Shake Weight?
3. The kettlebell is maybe 8-12kg (CrossFit standard is anywhere from 16kg – 32kg as Rx.)
4. Just saying.
5. If you don’t need shoes, do you really need gloves?
6. Why would we think this is CrossFit?

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