Wednesday 4/8

3 Rounds for time:
40 Double Under
300m Run
20 Burpee


From Calvin

When I went to my Level 1 seminar a few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a great L1 staff at my disposal. Sherwood, Barber, Khalipa, even ole’ Neal Maddox was there. And even though I was surrounded by these titans of fitness there was a person who I didn’t recognize who caught my immediate attention. My flow master: Russell Berger.

I remember thinking to myself, ” I have no idea who this guy is but damn! He is smart! ” Often referred to as a “CrossFit attack dog” Russell takes a hard stance in his love and support of the CrossFit method and its unparallelled ability to help people. It’s very natural that as CrossFit grows as a sport and science, some folks still won’t accept it no matter how positive the results. Those people may wish to dissuade the population from enjoying the benefits of CrosFit for various reasons. Armed with science and savvy, Russell sets out correct those misconceptions and hopefully get the real voice of CrossFit heard. There are those in the community that do not agree with Berger’s methods or approach however, personally, I believe in what he does and how he does it. I appreciate his diligence and commitment and hope he continues.




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