Monday 4/6

Back Squat

Squats are important to us in CrossFit because they are so fundamentally necessary to be able to perform well in everyday life. I know most people think of their legs when they think of squats, but there is so much more of the body working to stabilize and maintain balance during the squat. Once we add some kind of load; back squat, front squat or overhead squat, those other areas of the body, especially your midline or core have to engage that much more to maintain that load in a stable position.

Sometimes the importance of a quality squat gets overlooked by athletes wanting to move on to higher skill movements, like cleans or snatches. However, just as it was stated in the video above, the squat is the foundation of many other movements, some of which are even squat related. If you are not placing focus on the quality of your squat, you are really limiting your potential to improve overall.


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