Wednesday 4/1

3 Rounds for time:

Watch the video below for details…

With the Open behind us and a couple of challenging workouts already in the bank this week we thought it might be a good idea to have a workout with a bit lower intensity to allow all of our athletes the chance to recover a bit.

Keeping that in mind we’ll be hosting a local expert in the practice demonstrated in the video below. It’s meant to be a lower impact workout, but still offer many benefits you all are here for.

As usual, some of you will undoubtedly enjoy today’s workout more than others, but you’ll all benefit from it.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday 4/1

  1. No Fucking Way……..! R u guys serious… this is a fuckin joke right…come on now I’ll do overhead squats for a month if I don’t have to do this silly shit that not crossfit that silly shit…I love u guys but come on… Lol haha haha lol. …WTF!

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