Thursday 3/26

4 rounds:
Against a 3 min Clock
Max Effort 400m run
Max handstand hold
Rest 2 min between efforts


This Saturday after the Open workouts we’ll be celebrating the end of the Open AND our 5 year anniversary as a gym. With that we’ll be hosting a BBQ/Potluck for all of our CrossFit SAC family. Please note the sign ups on the mobile whiteboard near the DB rack as you walk through the gym. If you’re planning on coming bringing food is certainly not a necessity but it is appreciated. Keep in mind also that this is a celebration, so there’s no need to make your Paleo Chicken recipe, pizza and ice-cream sandwiches are much more delicious.

It’s Thursday again, and with it brings us the fifth and final Open workout of the year. I’m sure it’ll be a doozy. Just like the last few weeks we’ll be broadcasting the announcement live at 5. Come on in and join the excitement as we learn what the CrossFit world is in for this final week!




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