Tuesday 3/24

Front Squat

From Calvin

I think the primary intent of this article is pretty good. Although there are some particulars within it I dont agree with 100%, I like the message. Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates. 

Let’s face it. We are bombarded with suggestions on how we can be fitter, or lose weight, or how we should eat. People will try to sell you fads, pills, and gimmicks all so you can “be skinny” or “lose 20 lbs in 20 days”. (Which sounds grossly self destructive by the way). And because we have all this coming at us all the time, dirty rumors can start. Like how carbs are bad for you. I like to think of people who refuse to eat carbs are like backward Vegans. They flat out refuse to eat and entire macro nutrient because apparently it’s poison. But I understand where the illusion might come from. Let’s say you are an overweight person and you routinely eat a pound of bacon in the morning, a rack of ribs for lunch and half a cow for dinner. The last time you had a “vegetable” was when you put cilantro on your carnitas. Now lets say you switch to an all fruit and veggie diet. Just juices and salads. Well, for a time, you might feel really good! All those vitamins and fiber getting through your system might really improve your well being and health. But it’s not because beef is poison or bacon is bad. Your body was just missing vital components in your nutrition. 

Likewise if you eat your weight in pasta and potato chips, visit Jamba Juice daily and never miss dessert, then switch to Atkins, or Keto diet, you’re probably gonna lose some weight. For a time that might feel really great too. But then you realize you’re tired more than you should be. You might be getting sick more often. You’re not putting on muscle and you’re sugar cravings are causing you to be a grumpy monkey. That is ALSO because you’re missing vital nutrients the other direction. Just know that humans are meant to find a balance between these worlds. Find the balance that works for you. if you need some help, ask a coach. We’d love to help.
The Carb Debate: Good, Bad, or the Devil?
People are very black and white. And social media only seems to make that worse, not better. Because my friends are mostly fitness industry based, when I check Facebook I see a lot of posts relating to diet, training, body composition, competition in a variety of arenas, and anything that is somehow related to these topics.
I’m always amazed at how religious it can all seem, with one tribe’s belief flouted as being the one true way. Of the things people seem to get the most fanatical about, diet has to be number one. I’ve had people literally tell me they couldn’t survive without alcohol. Funny, because my understanding of the body says that in order to survive we need oxygen, water, and food. No alcohol. But probably the biggest fights I see people have are over carbohydrates.

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