Monday 3/23

Against a 16 Min clock:
200 Double Under
AMRAP in time remaining of
12 Burpee Box Jump over @ 24/20
200m Run


Today’s post comes with two reminders

1- It’s getting warmer out there. Be sure you’re drinking fluids throughout the day so that your urine is opaque or slightly yellow. The darker and deeper the yellow color the more dehydrated your are and dehydration leads to hindered performance. No one wants that!

2- This Saturday after the Open workouts we’ll be celebrating the end of the Open AND our 5 year anniversary as a gym. With that we’ll be hosting a BBQ/Potluck for all of our CrossFit SAC family. Please note the sign ups on the mobile whiteboard near the DB rack as you walk through the gym. If you’re planning on coming bringing food is certainly not a necessity but it is appreciated. Keep in mind also that this is a celebration, so there’s no need to make your Paleo Chicken recipe, pizza and ice-cream sandwiches are much more delicious.


Beyond the reminders – take a quick look at the video below. By no means do you need to watch all the way through, just 30 seconds will give you an idea we’re going for. Watch to see how the older kids and adults are holding the rope and performing the doubles. Relaxed arms, turning at the wrist, relatively low bound, legs slightly bent. These are the things we typically drill on days when we focus on double unders. Watch some of the video and see if you can mimic some of these elements during Monday’s workout.



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