Friday 3/13

This is the first part of a two part post, in reading this after Calvin sent it to me there’s another important point that I think needs to be made, that’ll be tomorrow’s post.

From Calvin

These types of articles come up all the time and they never cease to make me smile just a little. The title should give you the general idea of what the author is going to say however, I encourage you to really read through the whole thing (not long) in order to get a feel for the writer and her understanding of CrossFit. Some of the complaints vocalized in the article include CrossFit’s “feel good atmosphere” and the fact that “there are no losers”. I’m not entirely sure how not having fun and feeling loss makes something MORE of a sport. I think one of the best parts of CrossFit is the fun you have participating in multi-skilled challenges that test the very nature of your being. Everyday. If that doesn’t build character, i don’t know what does.

And if i may, there is big difference between “losing” and “failing.” I fail at CrossFit all the time because we’re always trying to do better each time we do it. Some of the days we spend together we intentionally ask you to go to a point of failure because it is in those moments that we grow so much more. Mentally, physically, emotionally. In no way does it mean that you lost or that you’re a loser. Never. The author says we can’t have fun while working hard. We do it. We can’t work all 10 components of fitness at once. We do that too. She says it’s only a fad and we’ll just fade in time. Guess what? We’re still here.


The Death Of Sports: How Competitions Like CrossFit Are Weakening America

By Christine Hannon

CrossFit is not a sport; it is a competition. Sports are a zero-sum game with the ability to defend against your opponent.  There are winners, but more importantly, there are losers. In CrossFit, there is winner, but there are no losers.

All sports are competitions, but not all competitions are sports. Sports can be between individuals or teams. For my purposes, all of the sports and competitions I discuss require athleticism. Athletes train for and participate in a sport and/or competition and their participation is enhanced by an increase in physical strength in multiple joints and muscles.

Many competitions are mistakenly identified as sports because our socially liberal society wants everyone to feel included in sports. We are moving past the generation of loyalists and the focus is on the individual and how the individual feels.

In the CrossFit “feel good about yourself” environment, while there are no losers, there are only people who don’t qualify for the next level. In baseball, basketball, football, etc., you have one winner and one loser in every single game. Forget feelings.

CrossFit competitions are based on a golf score. There is no head-to-head element. So what if they change that? What if they have brackets and go head-to-head like in March Madness NCAA basketball? That will never happen because their growth has diluted their brand, which is perhaps their weakest link.

But it still would not be a sport due to the nature of their events. While competing at CrossFit, there is nothing you can do to directly defend against your opponent. A sport has both elements: zero-sum and a defense.

CrossFit is not the only physical event these days that is a competition rather than a sport. Included in this category is Olympic lifting, power lifting, and gymnastics, all of which make up the disciplines of CrossFit.


find the rest here


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