Tuesday 8/10

20 Min AMRAP
3 Front Squat @ 185/125
5 Toe 2 Bar
7 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135/95
9 Box Jump @ 30/24

From Amy

Nutrition is topic that is both astoundingly complex and simple. I would argue that most of us know what to do in order to make better food choices (i.e. eat real food, cut out the added sugar, eat enough to support activity levels), and therefore perform better (and look better naked). This does not mean that the task at hand is easy. Start with small, manageable steps, like cutting out a soda a day or eating breakfast, and use that to build momentum forward. If you can identify some of the areas in your food choices that need improvement, you will have a place to start. Check out this list below and see if any of these sound familiar.

10 Mistakes Women Make With Diets

1. Adopting a Diet Program Advertised on TV

“Lose five pounds your first week!” To any female aching to see the scale go down, these TV gimmicks sound tempting.

You can even have pizza, pancakes, and cake! Just eat your prepackaged meals or point allotment of foods and the pounds melt right off. No critical thinking required. Too bad these plans have about a 97% failure rate over the long term.

Why the dismal results? Well, the low calorie approach these diets must take in order to guarantee fast results makes women rebound in weight once the diet is over.

Sustaining a very low calorie diet is a surefire way to lose muscle mass, slow their metabolism, and experience caloric compensation once their appetites catch up and they’ve run out of microwavable pasta bowls.

And since these diets are aimed mostly at women who don’t weight train, they not only gain the fat back, they gain a few bonus pounds too thanks to the loss of that metabolically active weight we call “muscle.”

Sure, any female who’s allotted a point system or given a micromanaged selection of TV dinners will succeed, but only as long as she’s paying up and being spoon-fed. Once she starts thinking for herself in the kitchen, those same vices she wrestled with before become problematic again.

The celebrity spokespersons for these programs – who never seem to stay thin despite being paid to diet – are evidence of this.

These TV plans wouldn’t continue to profit if women learned how to address the behaviors that made them gain weight in the first place. They certainly wouldn’t continue to profit if their clients became autonomous healthy eaters, built a bit more muscle, and stoked their metabolic furnace.

That would mean losing them as repeat customers.

Programs with point systems or premeasured foods keep women in the dark about permanent change, and by setting them up for weight fluctuations and long term failure, they increase the odds that former customers will come right back whenever they want a quick fix in weight loss.

Finally, most of these plans are nutritionally antiquated, still warning against those “evil” saturated fats while including some very questionable ingredients like corn syrup in their “approved” foods or frozen meals.


Women will have greater long-term success if they invest some time making sure their own nutritious meals are ready to go and easy to assemble.

They’ll need to accept some responsibility, put in some footwork, educate themselves about nutrition, and stop being dependent on diet plans that D-list celebrities can’t even stick to.

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