Monday 3/9

5 rounds for time:
300m run
20 Kb Swing @ 53/35

Genevieve from Meat Up Sac will be in this evening from about 4:45-7:15 to answer questions about their service and will bring food samples.

From Calvin

Throwback time! I love watching these videos for a couple of reasons. One, I love watching Coach B say anything to anyone. And two I think they really showcase how far CrossFit has come. Not just as a competitive sport, but as a lifestyle that constantly improves the fitness of anyone who commits to it. A commitment to yourself. To the work and the game plan that WILL lead to success. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching the Games or the Invitational in recent years you’ll know that the weights used in these videos aren’t as challenging to a games athlete anymore. In fact some of you might even watch these videos and realize you’re not too far off from what was considered quite impressive for the time. And if you happen to watch more videos from the same year, something to think about: Everyone starts somewhere. They’re beasts and so are you. Hard work, smart decisions and time is all you need to be better, faster, stronger than you were yesterday. Stay with it guys!


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