Monday 3/2

12.2 or 13.3
AMRAP 12 Min
150 Wall balls 20/14
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups


So, I was “recovering” from a particularly gnarly WOD the other day. And as i lay there trying to remember my own name, I thought to myself: Holy cow! My mouth is super dry! I need water stat!. Then i started to think about the last time even had a full glass of water. 6 hours ago? 12? A whole day? Who knows. Guys, you might already know this but proper hydration is key to the functions of the body. Not just a little bit but a lot. As little as 2% of your body weight lost in water can cause a loss of blood volume that makes the heart need to work harder just to move blood through the blood stream. This can also fatigue the body further, wreak havoc on your nervous system and even lead to things like muscle cramps, dizziness and over heating.

Be especially careful in times of elevated temperatures in weather as you’ll sweat much more and dehydrate quicker. Like wise, in times where temperatures are colder, a ice cold glass of water may not sound as appealing and it may not be at the forefront of your mind but your body needs it all the same.

Now, before you go fill that gallon jug up before your workout today, think about this. Hydration is achieved over the course of the day in increments. You’re not a camel and cannot drink 2 liters of agua and store it for 24 hours. So, do this instead. Try to drink a glass or two every couple of hours and see how you feel. If your taking a bathroom break every 15mins and your urine is clear, slow down. If your still getting cotton mouth, drink a little more. Or maybe find a way to enhance the water with some sea salt. Plus, show up to your workout hydrated. That means getting some H2O in you an hour or so BEFORE the WOD so that you don’t need that water bottle during your 5 min AMRAP. 🙂


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