Wednesday 2/18

Hang Power Snatch

The gym will be closed this weekend, Feb. 21-22nd. There will be a park WOD Saturday at 9:30

From 2014 CrossFit Games Champion Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s Instagram account:

I will choose health and strength over anything else… My body reflect hours of work and sacrifices… Not going out when everyone else does… Early morning to get my training in before school or work.. I am proud of what I am… I define myself by my actions and my value and not by appearance… Good news when your healthy normally the look goes with…

Games level CrossFit athletes make it all look easy and they all look so good while doing it!  While we see them perform bouts of fitness we could only dream of, all with relative ease, we often don’t see and appreciate the amount of hard work and sacrifice that goes into their training. So you haven’t perfected your 300 pound snatch in Nanos like Rich Froning, it’s okay! I can guarantee he’s had more practice than you. Keep coming in, keep being consistent and persistent and you will see improvement. Keep chasing performance and you will only get better and stronger!


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