Saturday 2/14

We’ve got a great workout for you today… be prepared to jump and run and maybe even get upside down.


Our goal with CrossFit is to increase fitness, something I think this short little video hits pretty well. It’s not just that we want to be able to deadlift more, or do more pull ups or run faster, it’s that we want to be a better representation of ourselves.

Even if we don’t PR every day, even if every effort doesn’t render the desired outcome, it’s really in the journey that the benefit is reaped. It’s in the striving and the trying and the showing up to class even after a long day, even when you really just want to go home and catch up on Downton Abby, that’s where the good stuff is.

So keep showing up, keep working to improve, because all of us at CrossFit SAC know that it doesn’t make you a weirdo, extreme or obsessed, it just makes you one of us!




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