Friday 2/13

3 rounds for time:
75 Double Under
50 Deadlift @ 135/95
15 Handstand Push Up

The CrossFit Open is right around the corner! I know I am curious to see what changes the Scaled Division will bring to the Open WODs. However, just because there will be a scaled option, don’t assume that the workouts will be that much easier. I predict that the weights will stay relatively light and we won’t see much in the way of high skill moves like muscle ups or handstand push ups, or at least they won’t be the first movements in the WOD. But I would fully expect to see double unders, especially after the reaction many had to Open 14.1 on social media calling the double under an “advanced” move. I totally understand how not having a double under can make it feel like it is in the same technical realm of muscle ups and handstand walks but it is a movement that is pretty accessible to all people. Don’t be discouraged by the idea of double unders, like many people in years past, you may end up getting your first ones during the Open.



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