Wednesday 2/11

4 rounds for time:
7 Muscle Up
20 Back Squat @ 115/75

The CrossFit Open is just about two weeks away! This will be my fifth year participating in the Open and I can tell you I am slightly terrified every time. I know that starting February 26th, that I am going to dread the next five Thursdays and whatever WODs Dave Castro has decided to unleash on the CrossFit community. But I also know that the next five Saturdays are going to be EPIC! I know that people are going to come to class nervous and anxious about the workout. I know that for the duration of that workout they are going to have one hell of a cheering section because for those few minutes of that workout the whole gym is right there with them, fight for that first double under or toe to bar.

If you are not sure what the Open is, here is an article to help explain it. But really, all you need to know is that this is a special time of year where you become part of something bigger than your class or the gym, you are part of a world wide event. If you have not registered yet, here’s the link. Make sure to select CrossFit SAC as your affiliate and join our team!


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