Thursday 2/5

12 Min AMRAP
7 Hang Power Snatch @ 115/75
30 Double Under
200m Run


This Saturday is Community Day! Bring in a friend, family member, neighbor– whoever, to workout with you. It doesn’t matter if they have been here before. All that we ask is that they arrive 10-15 minutes before class to fill out a waiver (or send them this link: ) and talk with one of the coaches.


Want to know the secret to weight loss, improved health and fitness? Sorry to disappoint you but there is no secret. There is no magic pill, special clothing, mysterious salve or enchanted berry that will make you thinner, stronger or faster. The way to health and fitness is consistency, patience and honesty.

Consistency means that you not only come into the gym at least three days a week, but that you do that week after week and if life happens and you can’t make it in to the gym, you do a quick WOD at home, like the ones here. Beyond consistency in your workouts, you need to be consistent in all other aspects of your life; food (good quality, appropriate quantity), sleep (8 hours), avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption. This sounds kind of hard, right? It is! We are surrounded with all sorts of temptations and competing motivators, like skipping the gym to go out with friends or eating food you know is bad for you under the auspice of it being a “special occasion,” like a Friday. The people who are able to get the results they are after are the ones who have prioritized what really matters to them and can clearly identify what will help them achieve their goals and what is detrimental. This doesn’t happen overnight, and many of us might be best served to start building consistency in one area and branch out from there. But you have to start somewhere.

Once you do start, you have to be patient. I’m learning this all too well right now. Having a baby last year effected my fitness more than I had expected. I have the consistency part pretty dialed in, now I just have to remember that nothing happens overnight. This is probably the second hardest part for people (we will get to the really hard part next). You need to trust this process. Yes, you really, really want a six pack or a pull up but you have to be patient and put in the work to get it. There are no short cuts.

Most importantly, you have to be honest with yourself and quite frankly stop buying your own BS. Take a good, hard look at your consistency, your food choices, your range of motion, the possibility that you cherry pick WODs or don’t get enough sleep each night. You don’t need a fancy squat program to increase your strength if you are only coming to class once a week and you are wasting your money on post-recovery supplements if aren’t eating quality food. And sure, Olympic lifting shoes might help you bypass some flexibility issues but those issues will only get better when you fight to get into a better position.

When you can admit that there is room for improvement with your consistency and patience, you will probably realize that you are chasing a quick fix with pills, supplements and all the other forms of snake oil people are trying to sell you. More than anything else, don’t let where you want to be discount how far you have come.





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