Tuesday 2/3

For reps:

Tabata Burpee

Tabata Chest 2 Bar Pull up

Perform 16 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest where you alternate 20 seconds of burpees followed by 20 seconds of chest 2 bar pull up until 8 rounds of each has been completed.

The Member Board
You may have noticed that the member board has disappeared from over the lockers. We’ve had that board since we opened back in 2010. The idea behind the board was to help members become familiar with new faces around the gym and to help build a sense of community. However, as we have grown the board has diverted more time and resources away from our primary goal– coaching our members during class and working on making the gym a better facility when class isn’t in session. The time used chasing down new members to take pictures, sitting on the computer printing out photos and reorganizing pictures on the board could be used to better serve you.

More importantly, we have noticed that some people were using the member board in a way completely opposite of what we envisioned; they were using it as a means of learning a person’s name without having to talk to them or introduce themselves. We want you guys to get to know each other! That means introducing yourself to someone you don’t recognize and striking up a conversation with new people. Remember back to when you started CrossFit? I’m sure it was a huge relief to have someone acknowledge your presence and reassure you that you will survive the workout. You all have the potential to be that lifeline for a new member or even for someone who’s been around for a while but is attending class at a different time than normal.


For 15 min work to a heavy snatch
Then …
Using the same load:
Max rep front squat


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