Thursday 1/29

4 Rounds for time
25 Push Press @ 75/55
15 Box Jump @ 24/20
25 Wall Ball @ 20/14
15 Toe 2 Bar


From Calvin

Community is a gigantic part of our culture. When we suffer the workout, we do so as a team. And because of that, we grow closer together much the same way a family grows closer together. We at Crossfit SAC are always looking for ways to help that growth along. We do this by offering large class sizes so you don’t sweat alone. We do this by offering open gym so that you don’t have to kick rocks right after your workout. We also do this by having events hosted by the box like Guys night or Ladies night, the Winter Formal that we just enjoyed and the upcoming “Nerd Night” that will be happening February 7th. (quick plug there). But even bigger than that we have the upcoming Crossfit Open season approaching fast that is literally the BIGGEST community event of the year. Please be a part of it and bring some friends to help join the fun! If not to work out then at least cheer you on!


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