Wednesday 1/21

5 Rounds
15 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Overhead Squat (135/95)
5 Bar Muscle Ups



From Calvin

The great unifying thing our members share is the idea of fitness. Pushing harder and getting better. We walk in the gym and look at the white board and find the person we’re gonna chase, get hyped up, and go. That makes us perform more work than we would otherwise. But when is more work not really more work? What happens when the means didn’t justify the ends. I’m talking about half reps. Or “almost reps” as is more likely the case. Some movements are clear as black and white when completing them. Double unders for example. Either it passed twice or it didn’t. Half rep a double under and it’s a single under: No Rep.
Other movements feel like you’re getting all the way through them, but as it turns out, you’re not. It’s helpful to have an extra set of eyes at those times to keep you on track. That’s one of the many ways your coach might help / infuriate you during a workout. Get lower! Lock it out! Stand up all the way! We all need those cues. We keep giving them because they keep you doing your best. During the quickly approaching Crossfit Open, Standards are well defined and very black and white. Which is why we have judges for every single participant. So remember, when we need more range of motion from you, we don’t hate you. We’re not trying to ruin your day. We just want you to to move well so that when it’s time to play, you’ll crush it!



50 Toe 2 Bar
40 GHD Back Ext
30 GHD Sit Up to parallell
20 GHD Hip and Back Ext


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