Tuesday 1/20


From Dan

In the next couple of weeks there is going to be a lot of talk about “the open”. For veteran members the anticipation that comes about is exciting, but for new members the open might seem daunting, impossible, and maybe outright scary.  One of the things that sets CrossFit apart from so many other forms of fitness, is its measurability. This is the reason we pass out notebooks when you first sign up and harp on you about keeping track of your WODs. Similarly, the open allows athletes, most of which are in no way attempting to make it to the games, look back over the years and see just how far you have come.

When you register online you can fill out your stats and you will log each open workout. The site will then generate rankings within your gym, within your region, and even worldwide. We aren’t asking you to compare yourself to the world; that really isn’t what we want to emphasize. But next year (incentive to stick with this CrossFit thing) you will see progress, I promise.  The excitement that veteran athletes are feeling right now is due to the anticipation of seeing that progress. Maybe they managed to get their first pull-up last year during one of the open WODs (it happens every year!), and now with a year of practice under their belts they can’t wait to bust out their kipping pull-ups. If you are still uncertain about signing up after talking to the coaches, just grab any of the members who participated last year (which is the majority) and ask their opinion. Guaranteed, you won’t find a single person who regrets signing up.

Oh, and did we mention that we do the workouts all together on Saturday mornings? Community is something that is really important to us here at CrossFit SAC. These Saturday classes are some of the most attended classes of the year. Chances are you will end up working out next to, or even with someone you have never met before. Our community is built on the bonds that are created during the shared struggle of these workouts and the amazing support provided.


5x500m row
rest 3 min between efforts

Each effort is ALL OUT!


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