Monday 1/19

2 rounds for time:
40 Pull Up
50ft Broad Jump
60 Kb Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 53/35
70 Double Under

The gym will be closed this weekend (1/24-1/25), so there will be a park WOD at Hamilton/Jane Steele Park located at the end of Myrtle Avenue.

From Dan

When I first started CrossFit, I had never heard of a kipping pullup, much less tried one. My first WOD in a class was ‘Cindy’. I knew I had to do 5 pullups each round, but since all I knew was a more ‘traditional’ pullup, I figured I’d only complete maybe 5 rounds in the 20 minutes. I wasn’t feeling very good about myself, and to make matters worse, a woman (who I became good friends with) jumps up on the bar during the warm-up and starts flying through these kipping pullups. So I had a couple of options. I could start swinging around, trying to figure out this kipping thing, or I could use a scaled option to complete my pullups. Lucky for me (and my shoulders), I found a scale and made it through 10+ rounds.

The point is to be smart about how you’re working out. We’ve all been there. You want to do that workout prescribed. You want to do beat your buddy’s score on the whiteboard. There’s a reason we use bands, the adjustable height bars, rings, etc, to modify pullups. We’re trying to develop the strength in the shoulders that will allow us to progress to that kipping motion. Without that strength, we’re at a higher potential risk for injury.
Supplemental2 rounds of each:
Max time OH hold @ 185/125
Rest 3 min
Max time OH hold @ 155/105
Rest 3 min
Max time OH hold @ 135/95

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