Saturday 1/17

7 Rounds for time:
7 Burpee Over the Bar
7 Toe 2 Bar
7 Power Snatch @ 95/65


From our friends at CrossFit Max Effort

Setting and Achieving Goals by Elissa

Soo… we are well into 2015 and I know that some of you got on the New Year Resolution bandwagon. Or maybe you are calling them “goals.” No matter what you call them, there are probably some things you’d like to do or accomplish this year.

Did you know there are actually ways that you can go about doing this in a successful manner? As some of you may know, I previously worked at lululemon and that company is a big believer in vision and goal setting. I’m going to reference some of their basic principles and hopefully they are an easy guide for you to follow.


How do you know what steps to take right now if you don’t know where you want to be or where you see yourself in the future?

You create a possibility. This means creating a scenario where nothing restricts you from arriving at your destination. Don’t let what happened in the past prevent you from creating a brand new future. For example, if every time you try do double unders you can’t, how likely is it that you’ll ever get them if you stop trying? Probably pretty unlikely.  Think big too! Take away any thought of excuses when you are envisioning your possibility.

The next step is paint your vision. To be effective, this should have several qualities:

  • Is far enough in the future to give you time to achieve it
  • Is specific. Keep it short but include details.
  • All parts of your life should be included in how your see your future: health/fitness, personal and career
  • Touches us emotionally. Something that makes you excited.
  • Speak in the now, imagine you are already there.
  • Is specific to you and your passions.

Your future and what you want for yourself should be well balanced. We speak a lot about fitness specific goals but that might be just a small part of your life. Is your job stressing you out? Is your time in the gym just an escape and you never make any real progress? Are you beating yourself up so much at the gym that you’re not recovering and are able to keep in touch with friends? While you may feel that you just wan to focus on one are, don’t leave the others behind. Be well balanced.

Several years ago I first heard the acronym BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Make your goals something of a BHAG. If you can achieve it next week, was it really that much of a goal? You should have to work for it, strive for it, persevere to achieve it. It should be a milestone in getting you to your ideal vision and result in an immense sense of accomplishment.

What do you do next? Write something down! Write them down in a way that is specific, concise, quantifiable, in the present tense and positive. Speak with a sense of confident accomplishment, for when you do. Make a timeline. If there is something you’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months, where are you going to be in 6 months? 1 month? What are you going to do this week to work towards that??

After you’ve decided where you want to be, what your future looks like and you’ve written this all down, what’s next? Hold yourself accountable. Tell your friends, your family, your coaches. Decide on mini goals, things you’re going to do daily, weekly that launch you towards your final BHAG J

It works. I’ve used this method. Just over a year ago I sat down and did this and would like to think it has helped me arrive where I am today.

Not sure where to start? Ask myself, or any of the other coaches and we would love to see you get started down the path of success.


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