Wednesday 1/14

5 Rounds for time:
7 Clean and Jerk @ 165/110
2 Rope Climb


Hey true believers, Calvin here. Let’s talk about cold weather. Why? Because we’ve got a lot of it. It’s that time of year that the temperatures are dropping pretty low and that’s going to change your daily routine a bit. Might need to break out the scraper for the windshield. Maybe wear an extra layer or two. Something that’s bound to happen is moving around will be a little trickier. See, muscles like to be warm. (Which is why you lay in bed for 15 mins debating the 6 am class.) One of the reasons we have a programmed warmup everyday is that blood flow and heat are important to the proper function of soft tissue. If the muscles are warm they are more likely to move through a fuller range of motion and will be more responsive to muscle contraction. This allows you to be in a better position to perform while reducing the risk of injury. When the tissue is colder the movement is restricted and it puts undo pressure on the body. That keeps us from doing our best and might even lead to some muscle strain. So, take your time with those warmups and give them the attention they deserve. You’ll have a much more enjoyable hour! Besides, it’s easier than trying to fit seven people around the one space heater we have pretending to use a foam roller.

SupplementalSplit Jerk off blocks

2-2-2-2-2 @ more than 75 % of 1rm

Split Jerk recovery
*set up barbell in blocks at height you would recieve jerk – split under it and stand it up.


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