Tuesday 1/13

4 Rounds for time:
30 Double Under
15 ring dip
30 Squat



All too often we see people who are relatively new to any skill chasing after the sexy, shiny elements. This is also true with CrossFit. As with anything else, it’s in truly excelling in the fundamentals that mastery lies. The most true to life example that comes to my mind is Michael Jordan. Likely the best basketball player of all time, he is best known for his high flying acrobatics and amazing posterizing moves. Ask any basketball expert though and you’ll hear them talk about Jordan’s true mastery of all the little things. Footwork, ball handling, body positioning. These are the less “sexy” elements of his game that allowed the rest of it to shine.


Maybe in this new year, instead of focusing on improving your snatch PR or getting that first bar muscle up, you take your air squat back to basics and start with improving the fundamentals. You’ll probably be surprised where it takes you!


Does your squat look like this? Mine neither, guess we know what to work on this year…

From CrossFit Soulshine

If you attend a CrossFit Level One seminar you will hear Coach Glassman’s definition of Fitness.  Before Coach Glassman developed the “What is Fitness” lecture, no one had truly defined the word fitness, other than, a state of living without disease.  Coach Glassman defined Fitness as “work capacity across broad times and modal domains” in addition to thought experiments such as the Hopper, the sickness, wellness, fitness continuum, and 10 domains of Fitness.\Years later Coach Glassman revisited his masterpiece and added a definition of Health, also previously undefined.  Coach Glassman defined Health as, “work capacity across broad time and modal domains, across a lifetime.”

This is where I think CrossFitters are missing it.

As a whole, CrossFitters are focusing on a brief period of their life and trying to maximize their fitness gains, but missing the big picture.  Futuristic thinking would show them that what really matters is not just how much they can increase their Fitness but how long they can sustain it throughout their lifetime.

In a society where more is better, this is not the case when it comes to CrossFit.

“But I want to make the CrossFit Games.”  Newsflash, you’re not making the Games.  Less than 1% of all CrossFitters in the world make the Games…LESS THAN 1%, you are not that 1%.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I’m not telling you to stop chasing your dreams, but be realistic.  Are you a Games athlete?  Are you a Regionals athlete?  Or are you just the best athlete at your box?  Answer that question with honesty and then sit back and ask, does your training reflect that.

Yes, the best in the world do more than one training session per day.  As stated above, you are not one of the best in the world.  In addition to that, you have other stresses in life, i.e. work, bills, etc.  Not that CrossFit Games athletes don’t, but many of them train full-time.

More is not better, better is better.  Too often I hear of people doing more and more and more and not focusing on the basics.  Everyone wants to add more squats or snatches, but I never hear anyone say, “I’m working on my air squat.”  Why is that?  I’ll tell you why, because the Snatch is sexy, heavy Back Squats are sexy, Squat Therapy is…boring?

If you’re goal this year is to truly improve your fitness, I encourage you to practice CrossFit.  “Master the basics, and when you think you’ve mastered them, go back and do them again.”  Coach Glassman was right.  You can never be too good at the basics.

The best at their sport and their careers all have one thing in common, they demonstrate virtuosity, doing the common uncommonly well.  Be it a gymnast, a lifter, or even a guitarist, or scientist, they all do the simple things in their environment better than anyone.  CrossFit is no different.

This year, take a step back in CrossFit, and by the end of the year, you will be leaps and bounds further!



For quality:
30 rep goblet squat @ 35/26

Squat therapy
30 reps in front of wall



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