Friday 1/9

For time:
30 Snatch @ 135/95


To me Isabel is one of the CrossFit workouts that makes a “proof of concept” when it comes to our training methodology. On paper 30 reps of a moderately heavy snatch doesn’t seem like a very big deal. But, usually somewhere between the 10 and 15 rep mark reality sets in and people realize that this is a demanding workout.

And it’s demanding on a number of fronts. Although it’s designed as a sprint type workout, it’s still going to tax your cardiovascular system. It begins at a moderate weight but as the reps pile up and fatigue sets in the load starts to feel heavier and heavier. Because the weight feels heavier it places a greater demand on your technique and therefore your coordination, accuracy and balance. All of this happens during each individual rep, which usually takes under a second from start to finish. It also takes place progressively throughout the workout as you approach the finish line.

It’s gonna be a good one today!




Snatch pulls
5×2 @ 120% of 1rm

Overhead Squat
5×2 @ no less than 100% of 1rm snatch


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