Wednesday 1/7

Back Squat


Even though this video features an athlete deadlifting, the mental approach and Calvin’s comments below are still super applicable.


Hey guys,Calvin here. Wanted to talk a little about workouts, mind sets, PR’s and failures. Or really, how do you deal with workouts mentally? We all know that one of the driving forces in the gym is to be better. Better than the person we were yesterday, better than the guy that seems to beat you in WODs or just better than you thought you could ever be. But what happens when it’s not ALWAYS better? What if you get stuck? Have a bad day? Maybe didn’t have the “fire” that you had all week. Maybe you didn’t PR your Cindy. Maybe you couldn’t 1 rep your 5 rep. Anything like that. What’s your reaction? I know at the time it can seem like it’s the end of the functional fitness universe as you know it. And that even if you did really well but didn’t quite get where you wanted on that lift, that somehow you’ll never get there again. Good news, none of that is true. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Sometimes we make mistakes like not eating enough or trying to PR Fran on 3 hours of sleep. (Sometimes you’ll lose that sleep knowing Fran is coming anyway). Point is, we’re all human. We all wanna do better. Don’t beat yourself up with a negative self image because life happened a little bit. Keep showing up. Keep giving it all you have. And all those goals will be reached. And if at all possible, try not to kick anything like Rob Orlando does in the video. Doesn’t turn out well.



For quality:
50 GHD Sit Up
50 GHD Hip Extension

3x max effort L-Sit with 3 min rest between

3x max effort GHD Extension hold with 25/15# plate held on chest


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