Monday 1/5

10 Min AMRAP
12 Hang Power Clean @ 155/105
12 Shuttle Run

Athlete Spotlight

Cassie has been a member at CrossFit SAC for a little over 3 months. When she started she made a commitment to herself that she would attend class three times a week for three months, no exceptions. It wasn’t always easy and she didn’t always feel motivated, as evidenced by her Facebook posts:

Woke up today @ 5. Placed head back on pillow all the while telling myself not to. Woke up at 5:30. Cancelled my Crossfit reservation. Realized I was awake enough to cancel the reservation so I convinced myself I was awake enough to go. Leapt out of bed and made it in plenty of time.

Had an awesome workout and felt super accomplished. Half the battle is overcoming your brain trying to talking you out of it.

Best. Feeling. Ever


Had a mentally draining week. It’s Friday. Didn’t want to go to Crossfit. Took a nap.

Tried to talk myself out of getting my butt kicked by “Elizabeth” but I made a solid promise to myself to go 3x week for 3 months and not miss a single class.

I went. I squatted. I dipped. I sweat. More importantly I kept my promise. ‪#‎motivation‬ for the ‪#‎win‬. Two more weeks until my 3 month retest. ‪#‎noexcuses‬‪#‎crossfit‬

But she stayed motivated and held herself accountable. All of that determination paid off when Cassie recently retested Intro 1 after 3 months, cutting her time in half!

cassie retest



3000m Row
Rest 10 Min
200m Row
Rest 2 Min
1500m Row
Rest 5 Min
400m Row


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