Tuesday 12/30

Push Press


***This week there will be no evening classes on New Years Eve, and we will be closed for classes New Years Day (but Open Gym hours at 9am, 12noon and 4pm) ***


Hey guys, Calvin here. This is an article i happened upon a little while back that takes a good sharp look at the traditional business model of your usual “Globo” gym. Having worked for one of those gyms for a good number of years i can tell you first hand that this article isn’t just right, it’s almost dead-on. And that one of the main reasons i didn’t enjoy my time there and eventually left is based on the concepts discussed within.
You should read the whole thing but essentially the author reveals and points out that the people that own and operate that kind of gym really dont want you to be fit, or motivated, or even present inside the  facility… at all. Really, they want you to pay them money and never return. They use mental, emotional, and even nutritional tactics to ensure you do not  progress and keep you thinking that they care. I know, it makes me sick too. Take note of the difference between The “Globo” gym and what the author calls a REAL gym. Might sound more familiar.

How Low-Cost Gyms Like Planet Fitness Psychologically Manipulate Members Into NOT Going To The Gym

There’s an absolutely fascinating episode of the Planet Money podcast up on NPR now (or subscribe via iTunes) about the tactics that low-cost gyms use in order to make a fortune on low $10 a month membership fees. I’m particularly fascinated by it because I’m the exact kind of gym member that a place like Planet Fitness craves. I’ve been a member for five or six years, and I’ll go five times a week for three or four months and then get sidetracked by work or kids or other commitments and not attend the gym again for three or four more months.

I’m the ideal gym member.

Why? Because places like Planet Fitness are not actually designed to accommodate the number of people who enroll as members. For instance, the gym used as an example in this episode of Planet Money had about 6,000 members, and yet the facility itself could only accommodate about 300 people at a time. If all the members who signed up actually went, franchises like that Planet Fitness would have to charge far more than $10 a month.

In fact, of the members who get gym memberships, about HALF never actually visit the gym once.

So, how does a place like Planet Fitness attract a clientele that’s earnest enough to sign up for the gym but not dedicated enough to actually go?

read the rest here…


4 rounds FOR QUALITY
50 double under (only unbroken set counts)
12 Toe 2 Bar (only unbroken set counts)


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