Friday 12/19

Against a 10 min clock
30 Snatch @ 75/45
30 Snatch @ 135/75
30 Snatch @ 165/100
Max Rep Snatch @ 210/120

Have you been told you pull early with your arms during a clean or a snatch? Well stop it! When your arms bend early, you’re losing the ability to apply power vertically to the bar. Also, think about what your arms will feel like if you’re doing that over and over in a high rep workout. Smoked! In other words, you aren’t being very efficient. The arm bend should be part of the act of you actively pulling yourself underneath the bar, not pulling the bar up. This should happen after you’ve extended your hips, not before.

Check out this video of Coach Burgener working with an athlete on this very topic (mind the motivational language):
SupplementalShoulder Press to Push Press, Max reps off each exercises at 95/65# x 2setsDouble KB Swing, 2×20, HEAVY


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