Thursday 12/18

5 Rounds for time:
6 Push Jerk @ 155/105
25 Double Under
10 Pull Up

From Dan

Double unders. They’re either fairly automatic or the bane or your existence. Either way, keep things simple. Focus on a good set up position with your arms bent and a concise motion with your wrists. Work on a consistent, vertical jump. And of course, be patient.

If you’ve been struggling with your double unders for awhile, play around with some of the other tools at the gym like the wiffle balls attached to handles. These are a great resource to show any differences in the way your hands are spinning the rope. If one hand isn’t ‘working’ quite right, imagine what that does to the shape of your jumprope. It makes it really easy to end up with those wonderful welts…everywhere. As your spin becomes more consistent, the closer you’ll be to those elusive double unders.

V-ups, 60 reps (Must touch toes)

Hip Back Ext, 3×12 Reps

Banded pull apart x 50 Reps


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