Tuesday 12/16

Overhead Squat

Ahh, the overhead squat. One of my earliest memories of overhead squatting is not a fond one. I’m not sure what the rep scheme was, but it was a heavy day so the goal was to move some weight. At the time I could back squat about 160-170 pounds, so imagine my surprise when I struggled with an empty bar. The movement felt awful, awkward and completely unnatural. I ended up doing quite a few sets with a weighted dowel before I could get a feel for the movement, but once I did, once I had that “ah-ha moment” and discovered what the bar path was supposed to feel like, I never looked back.

I know a lot of people dread any WOD that includes an overhead squat. This is the most demanding of the squatting variations and requires flexibility and balance, not to mention shoulder and midline strength and it can feel like murder on the wrists. These are all factors that can make the overhead squat more of a challenge. But most of the time, I see people struggle with this squat because they haven’t figured out where their body is supposed to be in space during the lift, which can effect balance and bar path, making the move a lot harder than it needs to be. However, if you take the time to really focus on the technique of the movement, and worry less about the amount of weight on the bar, you may find that this lift isn’t so bad after all.



Weighted strict ring dips, 3×10 reps, AHAP

30 Around the worlds hanging from pull-up bars.
*15 in each direction, may alternate however you wish as long as 15 each direction.

Banded good mornings x 100 reps w/ green band


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