Wednesday 12/10

For time:
60 Overhead Squat @ 75/55
60 Pull Up
60 Sit Up
60 Walking Lunge Step
60 Kb Swing @ 53/35
60 Double Under


From one of our newer members about his experience running in a Turkey Trot 5k

30,000 registered runners, 2181 runners in the timed 5k. 1099 Runners in 70-74 age group. I wanted to run as far as I could but got to mile 1 marker and started having a leg problem. I had to settle for 5 short walks between runs. 1st mile started slowly because of the crowd, but I still had my fastest mile yet of 10:07.

I placed 1017th out of 2181, 610th out of 1099 males, 5th out of 11 in my age group and had an average mile time of 11:14.

My total 5k time was 34:52, which was 4 minutes faster than my practice 5k’s. Thanks CrossFit SAC!

– Howard



3 postition Snatch work
top of knee
mid thigh
high hang

Work to a heavy load for an unbroken triple


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