Friday 12/5

20 Min AMRAP
2 Muscle Up
4 Handstand Push Up
8 Kb Swing @ 70/53


Saturday is the Member Appreciation Winter Formal! If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet there is still time. Remember, this is a party for you! Free food, free drinks and a chance to win a free membership just by buying a ticket!

From Calvin

When I was a kid I was never the type to play sports. I didn’t have any natural athletic ability and I wasn’t often involved with teams on the playground. It wasn’t that i didn’t admire sports and its roster of heros like ( and i know Im dating myself) Steve Young, Michael Jordan, Nolan Ryan etc. It was just that my heros were a little bigger, a little stronger and a little more eccentric. I was fascinated with superheroes. I loved them all. Sure i had favorites but it was the idea of really any superhero that made me happy. But unlike my friends I couldn’t replicate my heroes the way they could theirs. I couldn’t climb walls, or lift cars, or swing from web to web. I realized about a year or so ago thats one of the things i love about Crossfit. I DO get to swing from ropes. I Do get to lift and get upside-down and fight and defeat and win battles. Every class, we assemble our team and fight side by side and win. Some or our heros are stronger. Some are faster. But make no mistake we are ALL just as Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic and Uncanny. We are Superheroes.



EMOM 20 Min
2 Strict Handstand Push Up
2 Strict Chest 2 Bar Pull Up



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