Thursday 12/4

5 rounds for time:
5 Strict Pull Up
6 Step Db lunge @ 45/30
7 Db Thruster @ 45/30

Saturday is the Member Appreciation Winter Formal! If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet there is still time. Remember, this is a party for you! Free food, free drinks and a chance to win a free membership just by buying a ticket!


The Saturday following the Winter Formal (12/13) we will host a viewing party for the documentary Fed Up. This movie examines the obesity epidemic in the US and what part sugar may have to play in the unprecedented rates of obesity and diabetes, especially among children in this country. We will start  the screening at 1 pm, finish at 2:30 and have some time for Q&A. We hope that you can join us for this event– it is free and you are welcome to bring friends and family.



Spend 15 minutes working to a heavy thruster

EMOM 12 min
2 Thruster @ 80% of heavy single



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