Monday 11/24

4 Rounds for time:
9 Push Jerk @ 135/95
18 Pull Up


top 5 reasons

5) You get to see all of your workout buddies in non-gym clothes and you have an excuse to get a little spiffy!

4) Free stuff! Free Hors d’oeuvres, drinks and desserts! There will even be a hot coco bar with all sorts of mix-ins– all FREE!

3) More free stuff! We will have two blackjack tables and a poker table. At the end of the night you can use your winnings to bid on a month’s membership, CrossFit SAC gear, even a free pair of custom Nanos!

2) You can bring your spouse/significant other. Having a hard time getting them into the gym? Lure them in with the promise of free food and awesome company!

1) There is a possibility, albeit small and unlikely, that Dan will dance.





3 rounds for reps of each
Max rep unbroken double under
Rest 1 min
Max rep unbroken toe 2 bar
Rest 1 min
Max rep unbroken handstand push up


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