Saturday 11/15

8 min AMRAP:
30 Double Under
20 Med Ball Clean @ 20/14
15 Sit Up


Today is the V3 Feed the Hungry Classic, we’ve got a number of people competing who would appreciate your support. You can find the heat schedules by clicking here.

Today is also the Young’s Thanksgiving party – things kick off around 4 and they’ll go until everyone is full of turkey, stuffing and whatever sweets people bring. It’s not too late to attend if you’re interested, just try to bring something to eat.


I found this video in the depths of the youtube and I was so glad I did. It features Major Andrew Thompson taking a group of Level 1 participants through a medball clean breakout. It’s special to me because the Major was one of the people I interned under during my hiring process on for HQ. He has since moved on due to his commitments with the military but he’ll always hold a special place in my memory.



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