Thursday 11/13

For time:
25 Toe 2 Bar
3 rounds of:
20 step walking lunge
15 Kb Swing @ 70/53

25 Toe 2 Bar


The following is a post from a CrossFit HQ coaching colleague of mine based in Brisbane, Australia. Food for thought.

It is becoming common for affiliates to promote their coaching staff as “World Class Coaches”. What does that mean, and what is the criteria to call yourself world class? In sport, a world-class performance is one that is as good as or better than anyone else in the world, ie podium finish at a world championships, or a world/event record. World class performers stand apart from their peers. They are well known internationally within their sport and they are typically the subject of analysis by experts in the field, ie people spend a lot of time watching what they do and how they do it, and their techniques and methods drive innovation. People write books about the “World Class” and they are remembered in history. Recognition of being world class is based on proven results and accomplishments. When you type the name of a genuinely world class coach into google you will get pages of results. Search for “Vince Lombardi” and you will get over a million hits. Search for “CJ Martin CrossFit” and you will get 125k hits. They are world class. So when someone declares on their website that their coaches are “World Class” they are making a very bold claim, and unless they have produced champions or point to accomplishments that are internationally recognised, it is all marketing rubbish and has no place in the CrossFit community. Push back on the marketing hype, because it is the first step towards sliding into globo gym oblivion. How do you protect our community? Demand truth in advertising, when someone uses the term “World Class” ask them to prove it. The irony is that the true world class coaches would never allow themselves to be called that because they would be embarrassed. What you are willing to accept defines who you become.



Front rack hold
Load a a barbell @ 130% of 1RM Front Squat
10 sets of
5 sec on 25 sec off
try to add weight each round if possible

Split Jerk
use blocks for both rack hold and split jerk


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