Thursday 11/6

7 rounds, each for distance:
30 sec row for meters
Rest 3:30 between efforts


Watch the first 30 seconds of effort in this video… this is our goal for today. ALL OUT!

Some days it’s important to find a pace you can maintain and try to hold it as long as possible. That some day is NOT today. Today we want you to reach for your red-line each and every round you sit down. There’s 4 minutes of rest between each effort so you should be able to give absolutely 100% effort, every single time.

Some of you will find that your later round scores are higher than the earlier round scores, what that tells me is that we need to work on your “Go” switch. Others will have much higher scores in the early rounds and then fall off a bit in the later rounds, that tells me we need more work on recovery and possibly the mental side of the push.

Either way, today is going to be a fun test/development of fitness.


Supplemental15 min EMOM
1 strict L-Sit Muscle Up, 4 ring dip

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