Wednesday 11/5

20 Min AMRAP
2 Muscle Up
4 Squat Clean @ 185/125
8 Toe 2 Bar

Halloween tends to mark the beginning of a holiday season that is celebrated with food– lots of food. It’s really important to remember that you don’t need to go on some weird crash diet if you celebrated Halloween with some Snickers minis or a bunch of peanut butter cups. The key is make sure that “celebration” food, like candy at Halloween, pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, etc. doesn’t make its way into your day-to-day life. In other words, if you are consistently eating good quality food the 362 days of the year, coming to the gym and getting enough sleep, you really don’t need to worry about what celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will do to your waistline.

Unfortunately, this time of year is also marked with holiday parties at the office, at school and 3-pound boxes of See’s candy. This can easily turn the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas into an unending smorgasbord of gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pies and things flavored to taste like gingerbread cookies and pumpkin pie. Here are some tips to help you avoid temptation:

  • Eat before attending holiday parties. Hungry + sugary food = disastrously low willpower.
  • Be clear with your goals. If your goal is to make it through the holidays having made good food choices, remind yourself of that goal. Maybe it means putting a reminder in your phone that is set to go off every 15 minutes during a holiday party or sticking a post-it on your computer at work to remind you that your goal is to be healthy and those holiday themed snacks in the break room are not going to help you reach that goal.
  • Don’t use guilt as a motivator. When staring down a plate of some kind decadent food, don’t think about how bad you will feel about yourself after eating it, but rather how good and accomplished you will feel by making choices that are in line with your goals.
  • Forgive, forgive, forgive! It turns out that if you beat yourself for eating/drinking/spending more than you had intended, you’ll actually be more likely to eat/drink/spend more later. We all slip up, we are all human. Use it as a learning experience so that you can avoid a similar outcome next time.
  • Enjoy the holidays! Do your best to navigate the parties, but when it comes to the time where you really want to enjoy yourself with friends and family, have fun!


Banded speed Deadlift
EMOM 10 min
2 reps @ 50-70% of 1RM

Kneeling Jump
Work to max height

Good Morning


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