Thursday 10/23

2 Rounds for time:
200m Farmer Carry @ 45/30 db
20 Ring Row
20 Ring Dip
20 Toe 2 Bar
20 Hang Squat Clean @ 45/30 db
20 Push Press @ 45/30 db


This Saturday (10/25) is going to be packed with CrossFit SAC excitement! The morning classes with feature “Amazing Grace” as our Barbells for Boobs event. Check out our Barbells for Boobs page if you would like to donate. In the evening, we will be rolling out the projector and viewing some awfully bad horror movies! We hope that you can make it to these events, and please feel free to bring friends and family!


From Ladies who LIFT

Philippa Roy was well aware that the inherited genetic disorder Machado-Joseph disease ran in her family, after seeing family members suffer the ‘grim’ effects of the disease.  Sufferers have to contend with progressively worsening symptoms of lack of muscle control and weakness with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease and leading to paralysis and early death.

After reaching 36 without noticing anything amiss with her health, Philippa thought she’d dodged that particular bullet. However one day she noticed that her body had changed ‘overnight’ and went and got tested. She did have the rogue gene responsible for Machado-Joseph and had to face a frightening future.

“I’d seen what happened with my dad, he was a vegetable, and I knew what I had ahead of me. It’s frightening. I just thought ‘bloody hell I know what I have ahead of me’. I found some inner strength from somewhere and I just refused to be a victim. I had no choice, I just had to get on with it.”

A friend started Crossfit and suggested she should give it a try. After initially being dubious “Well, I can’t really walk – how am I going to get on at the gym?” she hobbled into Crossfit Glasgow, and that’s where it all started.

“It was horrendous to begin with but it wasn’t a case of you can’t do this, it was a case of something that I had to do. “ The first thing that Philippa was asked to do was to jump onto a 5 kilogram plate (1 ½ inches) and she had to hold her trainers hand, as she couldn’t jump onto that without assistance. She couldn’t get onto the pullup rig without climbing on a box, holding onto the pole and get a hand up there as well.

crossfit or a wheelchairShe then had the good fortune to meet a trainer named Gavin Heselton. Philippa credits Gavin with changing her life. “He’ll say that I did all of the hard work, but I owe everything to Gavin. Without Gavin Heselton, I’d be in a wheelchair. What works quite well with me is that he’s quite mean. I was doing wall walks the other day, and he said to me “I thought you were quite strong! And I said to him I AM strong, and the next thing you know I was up that wall!”

The Crossfit Games came along and Philippa decided to register for the open. She was told by Gavin “well to do that, you need to do a 20” box jump 15 times”. And she said “well, I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to give it a try!” and she jumped on that box 15 times and screamed at the top of her voice to get on with it and got it done.







crossfit or a wheelchairShe’s become a legend at Crossfit Glasgow, inspiring the other members to work that little bit harder, complain that little bit less. She’s been told by another member “If I get up in the morning, look at the WOD and think, oh I don’t want to do that…. I then think yes you are, Philippa has already been in there and done it”.

Philippa credits Crossfit with changing her life. “When I was first diagnosed, I used to see people I know in the street and I’d just run away. I was embarrassed and ashamed of what was wrong with me, I thought it was just horrendous.”

“Now I walk about, and I’ve got my head held up high. I think; I feel good and I’m looking good. Not in a cocky way, but I feel like I’m strong. I am strong. When I wear a short-sleeved top, there are patches on my arms that deliver the Parkinsons’ medication. I just think well, you can look at the patches or you can look at the muscles! I just generally feel really great – powerful and strong. “

Philippa trains weekly with Gavin, and mixes it up a bit by also taking gymnastics lessons with Bobby Dunn at Unit 4 where she also has a membership. She does Pilates fortnightly with Jonny Kilpatrick at CFG as well to work on core strength and stability.






crossfit or a wheelchair“I probably spend £400 a month on Crossfit, but it’s worth every penny as Crossfit changed my life. I mean, I can deadlift 78kg from the floor, I can clean 32.5, I can bench press 42.5, I can strict press 30, so the difference in me is just fantastic and without Gavin I don’t know where I’d be at. I’ve trained with him weekly for 2 ½ years now, he’s actually reprogrammed my brain. My neurology team can see a difference– the movement patterns of Crossfit have made changes to my brain and this proves that exercise works.”

Philippa’s goals at the moment are nailing those muscle ups, kicking up into a handstand “I can do a headstand and then push up into a strict handstand, but I can’t kick up!” and a really personal goal for her is to get her Level 1 Crossfit trainers certification. Next time one hits Scotland she is there with bells on, and determined to get that cert.

Philippa wanted to speak with Ladies who Lift and share her story as she really wanted to help other people – “I feel as if I want to get the story out there, there must be some people that are ill, and they think their life is over. But their life isn’t over. It’s a matter of how you deal with it, and what you think about it.”

“It’s a case of ‘it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with you, you can get on with it. Don’t give up. You mustn’t give up. It horrifies me to think of people that just give up.”







The goal is to keep these strict as long as possible.


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