Thursday 10/16

10 Min AMRAP
100m run
4 Hang Power Snatch 135/95
3 Bar Muscle Up


From The Box

written by:

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035

Top 5 Ways to Know You’re Good at CrossFit

Everybody wants a measurement to determine how “good” they are at CrossFit. Is it a sub-four-minute “Fran” time? Is it being able to RX every workout? Is it finally getting that elusive muscle-up? Well, I’m here to break the news … being good at CrossFit is much more than just those things. Let me tell you exactly what it takes to be good at the sport we adore.

1. You have to actually do it.

It’s fair to say that many-a-meathead has bragged about his ability to CrossFit with the best of them (if they wanted to, of course). And yet, they’ve never taken the time to prove it. I’m going to bet that a little humble pie might be in store for those who assume their elitist attitude could carry them through a CrossFit workout. So for a very simple starter, you must actually participate in CrossFit to be any good at it.

2. Fundamentals rule the world.

I don’t care whether you’re a beginner or an elite. If you refuse to adhere to the fundamentals, including range of motion and proper movement, you’re no good. Those who practice perfect, make perfect. And those who don’t get hurt. So you must respect the fundamentals at all times to be good at CrossFit.

3. Minimize moaning and groaning.

It’s impossible to not occasionally complain about a workout. There are certainly some rough ones. But if you’re capable of minimizing your moaning and groaning and shifting your focus to positivity of your personal progress, you’re good at CrossFit.

4. Explore your capacity for effort.

I’m the first to admit that giving 100 percent every workout, every day, is probably not realistic — unless you’re Rich Froning. But if you’re willing to work your ass off and put 95 to 100 percent effort into all workouts, you’re way ahead of the game. Many people will settle for something a bit more comfortable, but if you’re maximizing effort and exploring your limits, you’re damn good at CrossFit.

5. Dismiss defeat.

The final key to being a badass CrossFitter is dismissing defeat. Don’t give up … on your workout, on your goals, on pushing your boundaries. If you’re able to rid your mind of that voice that allows you to remain stagnant in the adventure that is your life, you’re not just good at CrossFit, you’re good at living.

So it’s not just heavy lifting, fast running and physical fitness that make you good at CrossFit. It’s your attitude, your tenacity and your attention to detail. So make the most of your personal experience by activating your inner overachiever and be good. Cause we can all do it if we choose to.



For quality:
30 Toe 2 Bar
30 GHD Hip Ext
20 GHD Sit up to parallell
20 GHD Back Ext
10 GHD Sit Up
10 GHD Hip and Back Ext


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