Wednesday 10/8

7 rounds for time:
7 DB Thruster @ 45/30
1 Rope Climb



Take a look at the last three days of programming that we’ve done and you’ll see a pretty good example of the variety we shoot for when figuring out our workouts.

Monday brings us a heavy day where the goal is to get the heaviest weight possible from ground to overhead. With the clean it’s one of the more complex movements we’ll do, requiring high levels of strength, speed, power and coordination to maximize efficiency.  Since it’s such a short duration effort there is almost zero demand on the cardiovascular system, but a relatively high demand on the neurological system to manage the heavy weight.

Yesterday was about as straightforward as possible, low technical demand but high cardioresperatory demand. Row really hard then run really hard, rest and repeat. The athlete that should perform the best on the 1RM clean workout is unlikely to also perform the best today since these two capacities are at such opposite sides of the spectrum from each other.

Now, today brings us a something in the middle. 45 pound dumbbell thrusters, while more awkward than their barbell cousins , are still designed to be on the lighter side, which means well conditioned athletes should be able to keep moving throughout most of the workout. There is certainly a technique component to proficiency at the thruster but it is lower than that of the clean and jerk, especially considering the loading for today. Rope climbs are a skill, no doubt, but one that can generally be learned without too much trouble, assuming a certain level of grip strength and pulling capacity.

All in all, these workouts are designed to both demand and develop a broad, general and inclusive fitness that lends itself generally well to any and all tasks. As always, that’s what we’re shooting for, after all isn’t fitness just being able to do the stuff we want to do? The bonus? Fit people tend to look like they’re fit!



For time:
50 Pull Up
50 Toe 2 bar
50 Ring Row
50 Ab mat sit up



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