Wednesday 10/1

Bench Press


We bench to get stronger. To get better at pressing movements. To improve our overall capacity to move things away from us or ourselves away from other things. Bench pressing can help make us better at push ups, dips, shoulder press, push press and push jerk, even thrusters, wall balls, and any other movement that has any type of push involved.

Since our main concern is to improve overall fitness, at CrossFit SAC we teach a bench press technique that involves keeping the body flat against the bench effectively maximizing the range of motion we can achieve in the movement.

In the video below you’ll see a pretty standard set up for a power lifter benching. What he’s doing is not wrong, it’s just different. The goal in a powerlifting meet for the bench press is to move the weight from lockout to the chest and back to lockout. Much of the reason you’ll see people set up like the super strong dude in the video is that by arching his back it shortens the range of motion, thereby requiring less work to accomplish the task. As I said, this isn’t wrong per se, it’s simply a different goal.




5x500m Row
Rest 3 min between efforts
each effort is ALL OUT!


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