Friday 9/26


Three rounds of:
1 min Burpees
1 min Power snatch @ 75/55
1 min Box jump @ 24/20
1 min Thruster @ 75/55
1 min Chest to bar Pull-ups
1 min REST

 Is it Time to Breakup With Your Barbell?

Last week’s revisit of Open WOD 11.3, the heavy clean and jerk one, reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago with a similar workout, “Grace” (30 clean and jerks @ 135/95 for time, thankfully no squatting required). I had done “Grace” several times and had progressed to a sub 3:00 time using 65 pounds. When it came time to do “Grace” for Barbells For Boobs, I decided it was time to go heavier, so I added 10 pounds and figured it would add at most a minute to my time. I took me over 7 minutes, essentially doubling my time. But how is that possible? I only added 10 pounds! I remember thinking. After some reflection, I realized that I had rarely ventured heavier than 65 pounds going overhead. I had become comfortable. So comfortable that while I may have been strong enough to handle a heavier bar, I just wasn’t used to it.

Once you’ve been CrossFitting long enough, it’s easy to find the comfortable weight, pull-up band scale or running speed. You know just how heavy to go to be able to keep going, but to not have to put the bar down or risk failure. For those of you in this camp, I applaud your self-awareness, but this is also holding you back. Not pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone will stifle your progress. There are days where it’s okay to go a little heavier or run a little farther, even if it means not PRing.



20 Min EMOM
Even 5 strict chest 2 bar pull up
Odd 5 strict handstand push up

Continue with 5/5 strict as long as possible. If you fail to get 5 strict in a round lower your reps to the number achieved in the last minute of that movement.


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