Friday 9/19

Open WOD 11.3
AMRAP 5 Min:
Squat Clean and Jerk @ 165/110


Remember when you first started CrossFit and everything you did felt unnatural and awkward? Remember when you couldn’t remember the difference between the Clean and the Snatch? How about when you read the WOD and thought to yourself “Is a handstand push-up really what I think it is? There’s no way I can do that!” Those days may be pretty far removed from where you are now but the same might not be true of the person next to you. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things around the gym, it’s easy to get a little, well, self-involved. Your focus is on PRing or (friendly) box rivalries and you forget that the person next to you isn’t necessarily worried about PRing, but worried about if they are even going to finish the WOD.

Camille cheer

Remember when you wanted to stop during the WOD, but a few words of encouragement from a fellow athlete kept you going? That’s pretty cool, right? That some one who is out of breath and tired took a moment to try to help you succeed. When we start finishing first, we can forget what it’s like to finish last and with that, we stop cheering on others. And that sucks because one of the defining qualities of CrossFit, and something we have tried to foster, is the sense of community. Part of this community is introducing yourself to new members and cheering on people that are still working out. We love to see people high-fiving each other during a run and helping to put a person’s gear away when they are half-conscious from giving the WOD their all. For those of you who make that effort, you are part of what makes this community special. You can count yourselves among the same caliber athlete as Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and most other high-level athletes. So keep it up!


So next time you finish a WOD, before you put your bar away or grab your notebook, take a moment to cheer on your fellow athletes and high-five those who have also finished. It’s these little acts that can have a profound effect on someone’s day and make CrossFit SAC a better place.



4 rounds each for time:
800m run
75 double under
Rest 3 min


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