Wednesday 9/17

12 Rounds for time:
12 Medball Clean @ 20/14
12 Push Up


One of the tenets of CrossFit is constant variety. This variety is what allows our athletes to progress in as many areas as possible in order to create a broad, general and inclusive fitness. To ensure variety, as the programmer of our workouts, I often draw inspiration from different sources.

Today’s workout comes from the NCLab, a group of great CrossFit athletes who have been posting their workouts for about a year. It is not the first time I’ve used part of one of their workouts for our WOD, but it is the first time that I know some of our members have done it ahead of time.

This workout in particular comes from the “Monday Monster Mash”, a weekly sampling by Pat Sherwood. It is only part of the mash, as there was a workout both before and after this medball clean, push up couplet. There are two major reasons I’ve chosen to use only 1/3 of the monster mash for our day today.

1- We have an hour class and this particular monster mash is specifically designed to be done on a running clock, the first part of the workout starts at 0:00, the second part (today’s CrossFit SAC WOD) starts at 20:00, and the third part starts at the 45:00 mark. That’s right, the third part starts 45 minutes into the workout. There’s not close to enough time for us to run this workout during a class, especially with the requisite warm up, technique work and scaling options we provide on a daily basis.

2- Workouts like the Monster Mash are great, for some people, some of the time. 99% of us never need to do anything with the sort of volume contained within a plan like this. It really is 3 distinct workouts and would really be 3 separate days of training. Games athletes benefit from this sort of thing because they need to be prepared to hit multiple workouts in a day, but if you’re not training for the Games (and let’s be honest, you’re not and neither am I) training this way probably isn’t necessary, or even helpful. In the end, unless you’re truly able to attack each section at full strength, you’re really only training yourself to slog through a workout.

What I would implore you to think of is the words of the founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman – “Be impressed with intensity not volume”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, intensity – working really hard – is what gets us results.

So – for today our workout is the middle section of this mash so that all of our athletes can go after these 12 rounds HARD and FAST to drive their intensity up and improve their gains.

To those of you who have already done this workout recently, I encourage you come in today and see if you notice a difference in your intensity today versus the last time you did this.



Banded speed deadlift
2 reps on the minute for 10 minutes @ 60-70% of 1rm with moderate bands

50 Good Morning @ 45
50 Toe 2 Bar


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