Friday 9/12

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time:

50 Squat
7 Muscle Up
10 Hang Power Clean @ 135/95



What it takes to be ‘Games’ material: An Interview with Wes Piatt

At Rhode Blocks we sat down with Wes Piatt, and asked him a few questions about his career and what it takes to be Games material.

RB: So Wes, I want to go to the games. What’s it going to take?

WP: I get that question all the time, more than anyone should. I’ve competed in CrossFit since 2011 on teams and as an individual. Now that I own my own gym Coast Range CrossFit and work on CrossFit HQ’s Level 1 staff I hear that
question even more so, and my answer is always the same…. Zone Paleo… YES I KNOW!!!! Before you even say it “no athletes at the games eat Zone Paleo!” And I don’t either… Anymore, but I did for over a year and can honestly say it’s hands down what took me from being a competitor to being a games athlete.

RB: Zone Paleo? That’s it?

WP: It’s not just the nutrition portion of eating Zone Paleo, but it was the dedication and the mental aspect more than anything. Every Sunday I was forced to plan ahead, go shopping, spend the day prepping, cooking, and planning my meals for the week. All meals were planned around my training schedule; I set timers on my phone to make sure I was eating my 5 zoned meals a day at the correct times (all which were planned around when I would be at the gym that day). I was lugging my gallon of water everywhere I went and making sure my pee was clear throughout the day. I turned myself into a training machine! And it was because I planned ahead. I forced myself to throw away the excuses everyone else made; I don’t have time I can’t eat the same thing over and over Rich Froning doesn’t eat that way.

RB: How does Wes Piatt or the average gym member find the time?

WP: I did this all while attending a full time Fire Academy and working as a trainer at my gym. I was busier and more stressed out than 90% of the population. I found prepping my meals on Sundays a time to actually relax and focus on something other than tests and my future career. It gave my wife and me time together; shopping, prep my meals, and cooking. All done together, It was great!

RB: We often run into the same obsticles. Eating the same thing over and over again each day for people can seem daunting…

WP: You don’t have too! You’re much luckier than I was when I first started doing this, now there are websites everywhere with paleo, zoned recipe’s and meal plans. One of my favorite is Still don’t like anything you see on the bazillion websites? Sorry than stop reading here, cause if you don’t like what you see on…. we’re no longer Facebook friends!

RB: Haha… so, what do you have to say about Rich Froning? He seems to eat whatever he wants…

WP: When you make it to the games you’ll find out really quick…. YOU’RE NOT RICH!!!! No one is! So why do I tell people that want to make it to the games that they’re golden ticket is doing Zone Paleo for a year? Because it’s not just the food, but it’s a new mind set, a new dedication to training, and a new NO EXCUSES attitude that every games athlete has. Don’t think it’s enough food to support your huge training volume? Try eating 25 blocks a day 7 days a week and then come back and talk to me! Stop the excuses, stop trying to be like (insert games athlete name here), and start putting in the work it takes to be at the next level. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message on facebook (if we’re still friends cause you love and I would be more than happy to answer them. Oh and while you’re at it, heading on over to and adding a set of rhode blocks to your arsenal wouldn’t hurt either.

RB: Haha, thanks for the plug, and thanks for your time Wes. We really appreciate having you on the team.

WP: My pleasure.




Take 15 min to work to a heavy 5 rep double KB snatch

Take 15 min to work to a heavy 5 rep double KB clean and jerk


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